The reason we are offering free attendance, meals and lodging is obvious, we want to make it as easy for people to come to this incredible conference and remove as many obstacles as possible so you can attend.   If there is anything we can do to assist you in coming to this conference please don't hesitate to contact us at:      or call       1-844-644-4426  extension #3


We are offering free meals to all who attend this conference, there are no tickets, just attend!  Meal schedule will be announced at conference.


Free lodging is provided as needed and only for out of town Missionaries, Evangelist, and Pastors.  Availability of Hotel rooms and/or Dorms are based on first come first serve basis and is dependent on available lodging unless you make prior arrangements. 

To make arrangements please email your contact information and how many in your party and the days you need lodging, to:      or call       1-844-644-4426  extension #3