Conduct & Dress Code

        While at this conference and on the premises you agree to dress modestly and in such a way that would honor the Lord Jesus Christ. May our testimony to Israel be without offense.  1Co 10:32  "Give none offence, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to the church of God."  Therefore, we ask you to not be wearing shorts, mini-skirts, sleeveless garments, and such like.

       You also agree to conduct yourself in a decent matter without disrupting the conference. You agree that if it is determined and by the sole discretion of the moderator or designated ushers your conduct is unseemly or disruptive in any way, or you violate the dress code, you acknowledge we reserve the right to escort you off the premises.

      You hold HIBM and its' agents harmless of any liability resulting from injury or loss of property during the conference, and the usage of this website "Rapture.Today"

     If you bring your children, you agree to be fully responsible for their safety and conduct, and will not hold HIBM  liable for any accidents, injuries or mishaps while on the premises and attending the Conference.

     Donations or Sponsorships are non-refundable whether you attend the conference or not.